WJ Cooper series

No18 Fermanagh Sonnet

Celestial Erne a paradise pure

Soft lapping waters my pulse and my joy

With milk shades at twilight, lovers to lure

Dear Enniskillen with angels you toy

Diamond-like dews on Cuilcagh so whinny

As scintillant swans festoon the canal

Wren of Belcoo both giant and mini

Fermanagh of lakes and blooms for La Salle

God’s harpers at play at old Florence Court

Whilst bluebells still chime in yon Cladagh glen

How Slieve Beagh spring lambs rejoice and cavort

One kiss for Beleek when we meet again

Blue moon of my soul o’er grand Marble Arch

Old friends of the dawn to heaven they march.

Tom Clancy.

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WJ Cooper series

No17 Cork Sonnet

From Shehy’s fair hills emergeth a queen

How shapely and pure my own lovely Lee

Old Shandon and Mardyke gloat in the scene

With magic and poise she runs to the sea

To watch the white gannets diving off Schull

Cork my fair maiden of rebel and soul

At Queenstown a tear where last saw the hull

Storms at Kinsale as waves crash and roll

Blackwater waltzing with grace at Fermoy

Grand Mitchelstown’s fields of green and of lush

At old Béal na Bláth where fell our brave boy

After the tempest there came a great hush

Oh God’s own Coolea the home of our bard

One king with his ash no Spartan could guard.

Tom Clancy.

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WJ Cooper series

No16 Derry Sonnet

Glorious Derry where floweth the Foyle

As words from Bellaghy roll with each hill

Gold from the Broighter in crucibles boiled

Whilst calls from an bonnán came with good will

Russet leaves blowing through grand groves of oak

I bask in the warmth beside your great walls

Quilled ones and singers past times to evoke

Spirits of artists by wondrous Guildhall

Starlit is the lake where tides ebb and flow

Oh mighty Lough Neagh dear haven of eel

The Sperrins look down with wealth to bestow

Homebound turf cutters with donkey and creel

There’s no fairer tune the old Derry Air

God penned it one day, a melody rare.

Tom Clancy.

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WJ Cooper Series

No15 Roscommon Sonnet

Sweet song of the curlew over the lake

Roscommon’s fine plains and pure Eastersnow

Oh dear Úna Bhán some day shall awake

Pink swans on Lough Ree in blushing red glow

At Clarendon Lock enchantment exists

Where badger and stoat reside in the brush

Whilst ghosts at Rathcroghan sing through the mist

At Scramoge the saffron hangs from each bush

Oh Castlerea’s roses at blossom time

Red clover and cowslip add to the show

E’en all the angels of God could not mime

With music at dawn at Corrigeenroe

Soft days at Frenchpark by fair lilac groves

Confetti-like petals swirling in droves.

Tom Clancy.

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WJ Cooper Series

No14 Wicklow Sonnet

A place in my heart – Wicklow my Eden

Garden of Ireland no words will suffice

On hill vale and glen creatures are feeding

Knowing this place on our earth has no price

Oh dear Poulaphouca where cool waters spill

Avoca’s green vale where kites soar on high

On Slaney the kingfisher dives in the still

And Bray head once wept as those said goodbye

McHugh O’Byrne’s mountains climb to the stars

St Kevin his birds in old Glendalough

Primrose and bluebell by Dargle’s sweet bars

Such joys can be seen each hour of the clock

Heaven is close when you see Glenmalure

Ecstasy pouring where dreamers endure.

Tom Clancy.

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(One for the summer…Two leaders, any place, anytime)

When Heaney met Yeats

When two songbirds met together they flew
O’er buttock carved hills distant and blue
Each sang of the flowers both petal and cup
And daisies like quail eggs stood sunny side up
Dream-trees were laden with poetic fruit
They drifted on by as God played his lute
Then onwards to Dublin a childhood abode
An old friend was passing along Raglan Road
They sailed up the Foyle and one soul stood proud
As dandelion seeds paratrooped in a crowd
A Rieger played requiem and old Boolavogue
When one recalled Sligo and sweet Garavogue
A half moon was hanging off-white broken bread
Wine oozing from springs and nothing was dead
They viewed old Drumcliff as windmills did turn
Like great ship propellers the oceans to churn
Oak leaves were fluttered and stirred in the trees
Like words in their thousands kissed by the breeze
Oh albumen Ireland of inkwells and quills
Where poems sprout greenly from each spaded drill
Through wide fields of neon when rape is in bloom
Two wordsmiths on horseback are minting new tunes
In gold cloths of heaven they’re clad for all time
Each line in their cosmos forever shall rhyme.

Tom Clancy.

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WJ Cooper series
No 13 Limerick Sonnet

Oh Luimneach a stór my one reverie
Where flows the broad Shannon joyously by
As gulls on the wing bring tales from the sea
And dreams of Adare tie sheaves of surprise
The smell of fresh grass in old Abbeyfeale
While linnets perform with orchestras fair
Kilmallock exudes a wisdom so real
Ardagh owns a treasure, none can compare
Please carry me home to her fertile vales
As heroes of Thomond line the parade
And ghosts from John’s Castle pass the moon pale
A paradise pure from Eden was made
To stand of a day by yon Treaty Stone
Whilst sailors with tack to heaven are blown.

Tom Clancy.
(Sure it had to be Limerick, Happy birthday big lad)

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WJ Cooper series
No12 Wexford Sonnet

A gem by the waves all purple and gold
From fine sands at Clone to Hook and beyond
Brave Wexford my love a thrill to behold
Oh Slaney your banks our nation did bond
Duncannon I lust for your magic at dawn
As Gorey laments her brave sons at dusk
While geese from afar descend to rich lawns
Great millstones at Ferns took flour from the husk
Oh Oliver Sheppard cast him in bronze
Stout-hearted Pikeman his life to lay down
Blackstairs regaling you shan’t walk alone
Bold Enniscorthy splendiferous town
Rapturous twitters at old Monaseed
Loch Garman stood strong with God to succeed.

Tom Clancy.

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WJ Cooper series
No 11 Donegal Sonnet

Oh Donegal’s homes as much famed in song
From Slieve League to Malin turf fires aglow
A pot on the boil as they went along
And wonderful sunsets west of Dungloe
Great Glenveagh’s eagles majestically soar
As magic auroras light the night sky
Music exudes from each house in Gweedore
By old Ballyshannon the curlew cries
Oh gone are the folk to far distant lands
Buncrana still keens those lost line by line
While mighty Tír Chonaill holds out her hands
Errigal welcomes them home for all time
Blue Stacks enchanting glorious Tory
Ghosts on boreens with fiddle and story.

Tom Clancy.

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WJ Cooper series
No 10 Meath Sonnet

The wonder of Newgrange set by the Boyne
Where skylarks announce beneath royal skies
The elk and wild boar gave heart hide and loin
Whilst forbears in peace awaited sunrise
Doves in the keep of yon castle in Trim
As elvers prepare for vast stretching seas
Goblets at Tara are full to the brim
As kings watch their horses graze in the lea
The glory of Slane and far tolling bells
A poet so brave cut down in his spring
Grand Celtic cross and one book of Kells
Throne of old Erin where choristers sing
Noblest Navan…mysterious Dowth
Lush are the fields around splendorous Knowth.

Tom Clancy.

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