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Alcatraz # Johnny Hates Jazz # Mike Slemen

Floating Spike Island
Our own Alcatraz
A great pace to kip
And Johnny Hates Jazz
And so we have reached
The year’s shortest day
Soon the first Lambs
Will leap prance and play
England’s Mike Slemen
A flash on the wing
Reached paradise
And met with his king
Joyce’s ‘ The Dead’
A brilliant novella
Glides through my town
Like a gay tarantella
Buskers in D 4
Grace the abode
Shane Glen and Finbar
Sing Raglan Road
And yes it did fall
A wondrous frost
And our Christmas day
Would never be lost
Hampers for sale
For snooty tyre kickers
Stewed prunes and stout
And ten pairs of knickers.

Beidh mé ar ais…Sláinte.

About Tom Clancy, Poet, Folk Singer,

Tom Clancy, Poet. He is a renowned Irish folk musician, an aficionado of the tin whistle and the unique sounding, "Low Whistle". Well known as a Trad Folk Singer and International Rugby player, his poetry now speaks for itself, from the Hearth and the Heart. Facebook features more and more Poetry extracts as he nears the launch of his first book of poems. Tom is available as an after dinner speaker and entertainer, delivering the music and stories that form the soundtrack of his life.
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