Renowned Irish folk musician and poet, an aficionado of the tin whistle and the unique sounding, “Low Whistle“.

Well known as s Trad Folk Singer, it is more in the style of Shane McGowan and the Clancy Brothers (no relation).   His use of the Low Flute for haunting airs has to be heard.  His versatility is confirmed with the guitar and harmonica.

Dirty Old Town, the Auld Triangle, Rainy night in Soho, he has hear them all too, but wait until you hear the reels, jigs and polkas that will make the hair on your neck stand on end!

I was honoured to play rugby for Ireland, but my passion now is Irish Folk Music and bringing it to a modern audience.

Gradually, more and more poetry will be seen in advance of the publication of my first collection of poems.

Have a look at the links page and see the music on you tube or my space  and talk to me on twitter, Facebook.

Thanks for reading this, more later!

Tom Clancy,  Arklow, Ireland


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